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Business Concept

Lu Ann was featured in December, 2018 Business Concept Magazine along side a few other influential women like Leni Robredo, Vice President of the Philippines. Lu Ann’s mission is to pave the way by hard work, building relationships and taking the hits for the good of other females looking to enter the Industrial sector of commercial real estate.

With a the limited supply of industrial buildings in California’s State Capitol City, Sacramento, Lu Ann has manages to stay competitive in the market and close $15,000,000.00 in sales in her short time. Through her tough and turbulent times of a few male brokers backed by their brokerage firms. She even had the privilege of dealing with character assassination that wound up backfiring as she still became top 5% in closed transaction volume as a solo act Commercial Agent.

Lu Ann has a remarkable attitude towards such “boy band  groups”  as she call it. Her funny nature exudes a magnetic energy as she continues to stay current in the leading edge with Commercial Real Estate closings. She stays busy and says, “My competitive nature and my desire to take the best care of my clients is simply in my DNA, and it’s the same reason my son was honored a full ride  baseball scholarship to Oregon State University, then went on to become our 2nd round draft MLB pick in 2019 to the Atlanta Braves.”

Bravery and perseverance is what keeps her succeeding in the leading edge market. Her story is quite incredible and hopes to write a book one day. From single mother, on the welfare system, Lu Ann educated herself, worked diligently to rise above to be a positive example for her children as she moved towards opening her Commercial Brokerage Service. Now she serves on the Board of Chambers for Citrus heights, and a PAC member as well as sitting as Chair, for Economic Development Committee.

Lu Ann believes in giving back and speaks as an inspiration to others when the chips are down and reminds them that anything is possible with an open mindset to hard work, education and change.