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Seller-Landlord Representation Services


HendersonCRE represent owners of commercial real estate with in-depth, detailed, consultation services including current and up to date market knowledge to individuals as well as corporate property owners. I assist clients in setting the pricing levels for their property be it a single tenant or a multi-tenant property or whether it is industrial buildings, office buildings, retail buildings or land. While representing my clients, the key is getting down to knowing exactly what you need for a profitable real estate portfolio. I'm on your side! 

I Develop a marketing program for the property in question and present it to the owner for their review and approval. Once the marketing program is approved, I will personally prepare marketing brochures which are immediately distributed to all active real estate agents and brokers in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area as well as a network of investors throughout the U.S. that I work with. The marketing brochures are posted on several internet sites that are real estate related, I also use social media to target the newer generation of investors as well as the national commercial data base of LoopNet, CoStar and Building Search. 

At times, I may also have my listings featured in various magazine articles. Besides maintaining current market information in the communities, I keep myself up to date with manufacturing buildings and sites as well as shopping centers and retail strip centers which are available for lease or for sale.  

I give each of my clients the attention they need and work diligently on each project until completion. With each listing I represent, I stay very busy with my clients to assure those deals are being sold and leased in a timely manner. 


Buyer-Tenant Representation Services


HendersonCRE provides individualized, confidential, consultation services to individual as well as corporate Buyers and Tenants. I personally assist clients in finding, selecting and negotiating lease agreements and purchase and sale contracts for the desired properties while maintaining client confidentiality during the transaction for as long as possible. I’m continually updating myself with industrial buildings, office buildings and retail buildings which are being offered for lease and for sale in the Sacramento metropolitan area. Maintaining current and updated information provides my clients the upper hand in the negotiation of the most favorable price and terms possible at the time of the transaction. 



Commercial Real Property Brokeage Service

Working with GQ North Real Estate Firm, I represent both Owners-sellers as well as buyers-tenants, on a case by case basis. These circumstances  usually involve assignments to select sites for development of  industrial parks, office parks, shopping centers, strip centers or  manufacturing facilities. I know the steps which are necessary to take to quickly learn and understand “local” markets.  By my knowledge and understanding the local” markets  helps to provide my clients the confidence necessary to successfully find, select and negotiate purchase and sale agreements. 

Perhaps it’s the assistance of recommendations? I've already done the leg work in finding reliable and highly skilled professionals in the industries from property management, appraisers, environmental engineers, developers, electricians, contractors etc. I have a few solid options for you to choose from.

Proper Representation Equals Complete Satisfaction

Proper representation during your real property transaction, be it a sale, a lease, or a purchase is a complex and often time consuming task that requires a truly substantial depth and breadth of knowledge regarding all facets of the Commercial Real Estate Industry. I truly understand that real property transactions require  time, energy, and personal commitment to achieve the completely satisfactory and timely results that are desired by all the principals to the transaction.  Timely communication and coordination is the foundation of  my business practices and are the bywords under which I operate.


Commercial Real Estate


Nationally, industrial properties are easily posting the strongest year-over-year rent gains among the four main commercial property types (office, industrial, retail and multifamily). Rent growth for industrial product is a robust 5.6 percent, compared to only 1.7 percent for office, 1.5 percent for retail and 3 percent for multifamily. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in greater Sacramento. In fact, among all major metros, Sacramento leads the nation in industrial rent growth at 10.2 percent, almost double the U.S. average. And sharp annual rent growth is not a new occurrence in the state’s capital. Last year’s gains came in at 10.3 percent. 

Vacancies in Sacramento are about in line with the national average at 5 percent, but the logistics segment, one component of industrial inventory which makes up nearly 75 percent of the property type in Sacramento, is outperforming. Consisting of warehouse and distribution buildings, logistics product has a vacancy rate of only 3.8 percent. And among each of the industrial property segments, logistics buildings have been posting the strongest rent growth. Logistics rent growth is currently 12.1 percent, or about 2 percent higher than industrial rent growth as a whole. 

Proper Representation Equals Complete Satisfaction


My industrial listings have historically sold for full asking price or pretty close to the asking price due to providing my property owners the necessary evaluation reports that reflect the current market. I've studied and watched the supply and demand markets. Just to name a few industrial/Retail buildings that sold at full asking price: 3600 51st Ave, 197 Otto circle, 3803 West Pacific, Sacramento and 1511 Merkley Ave West Sacramento.   


In  some instances, by implementing these valuation strategies, It has successfully increased the property owner’s rental income by double and  triple the amount they were previously receiving.   




In 2017, Sacramento retail acquisitions totaled an all-time high $920 million. The $1 billion threshold is one that historically has been the sole domain of the office and apartment categories. Even encroaching on that Neighborhood shopping centers have been particularly popular with buyers in Sacramento. 

The sale of neighborhood centers in greater Sacramento made up 50 percent of the metro’s total property sales volume in 2017.

The retail property market is showing similar strength this year: about $248 million of transactions have recorded in greater Sacramento, and, with nearly eight months left in 2018, perhaps this will be they year retail real estate acquisitions cross the $1 billion threshold for the first time in the metro history. 

I Recently, I fully leased another challenging 28,396 sf, Retail Shopping Center located at 1000 Melody Lane, Roseville. This Shopping Center has had a history of high vacancy for decades. In a matter of a few months, I newly leased a total of 11,552 sf and restructured 12,373 sf of the current leases into a renewal.

Upon obtaining listings, I evaluate the existing and expired leases with key planning for the future. I execute the necessary changes, most times relieving the property owners of all the stress for those decisions. My goal is having the tenants comfortable in a prosperous business that will insure a more profitable income producing Shopping Center. 

One of my most recent projects was negotiating the terms for a 4,577-sf restaurant. The seasoned and successful restaurant owners are currently building out a new top of the line kitchen for seating over 200 customers. Adding not only value to the shopping center but the much-needed traffic for the current and new tenants to prosper. With the new restaurant tenants outgrowing their previous building, it was a solid investment for them to take on a new location. Not to mention the property owners investment with a sold long term successful tenant. At times, I execute tough decisions to make this happen.

1600 Sacramento Ave, West Sacrament. The owner reached out to me for assistance in restructuring the retail strip center. Upon my extensive property evaluation, I entered existing tenants into a structured lease that was beneficial to both tenants and owner, I leased all of the vacant spaces, I implemented a new property management, and I connected the owner to a small handyman/construction team. Basically going over and beyond with my resources to help my clients anyway I can. 



7011 Sylvan road, a professional office complex has had a few brokerage representations the past few years and to no avail. Once I obtained the  listing, I went to work with my evaluation of the demographics and  current market. I was able to fully lease the building in a matter of a  short few months. The property owner and tenants are very happy with the  unique strategy I used to obtain the tenants and connect the dots. I  received a shopping center referral from this client and I also leased  that clients shopping center as well.

I fully leased 800 Sunrise Blvd in Roseville and 4500 47th Ave which were historically hard to lease office buildings. I believe in connecting the dots strategy for both tenant and property owner.