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Sample Closed Portfolio 2020-2021

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Great Relationships, Great Results

HendersonCRE represents property owners of commercial real estate with in-depth, detailed, consultation services including current and up to date market knowledge to individuals as well as corporate property owners. I assist clients in setting the pricing levels for their property be it a single tenant or a multi-tenant property or whether it is industrial buildings, office buildings, retail buildings, or land. While representing my clients, the key is getting down to knowing exactly what you need for a profitable real estate portfolio.

First, I develop a marketing program for the property in question and present it to the owner for their review and approval. Once the marketing program is approved, I will personally prepare marketing brochures which are immediately distributed to all active real estate agents and brokers in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area as well as a network of investors throughout the U.S. that I work with. The marketing brochures are posted on several internet sites that are real estate related, I also use social media to target a wide generation of investors as well as the national commercial database of Crexi, LoopNet, CoStar, and various other databases.

I have recently created my own YouTube channel, HendersonCRE. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my phone was ringing for property information and showings. I was unable to legally accommodate those in-person showings, so I came up with virtual tours to accommodate the property owners I represented and the demand for potential buyers/tenants.  I was so busy during that time and I actually won Costar Power Broker Second Quarter of 2020. I owe it to my quick response to accommodate my clients and handle the demand.

I have not turned back from what I created and as time goes by, I have learned to create a more real live YouTube tour of the properties as if the clients were there with me. I have incorporated state-of-the-art drone footage for properties at my client’s request. My virtual walkthroughs are now accommodating out of state or city clients as well as give an Arial view of some of the properties and locations.

My method of business is now technology-driven on many different levels. A quicker response via texting a virtual tour to prospective clients looking to learn more about the properties. We both enjoy saving gas and time.

If you are looking to list with me, each of my listings has its own advertisement link with a marketing brochure, information, and a YouTube or Drone link. I have an investor that loves the idea and they are able to easily send the links to their partners. I’m a firm believer in moving in the direction of technology and business. This is just the beginning.